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About RENTSmart

RentSmart 2.0 is the latest release of our Video Rental program. RentSmart 1.0 was released in 2002 and was the replacement for our EVA video rental program released in 1987.

Since 1979

After starting the company in 1979 we released our first video rental program called QuickFlick in 1980. It ran on computers that preceded the PC and Apple so you can safely say we were the very first to have a video rental program on the market. Then, after the invention of the PC, we released EVA (Electronic Video Automation) in 1987. EVA is an MSDOS program still in use in hundreds of Video Stores and Grocery Stores. After Windows XP was released we developed RentSmart 1.0 and now have expanded it to use MS SQL, have Club Memberships, and invented the EZRents feature.

Features of RentSmart 2.0

  • Uses the Microsoft SQL Server database.
  • Can be local or network residing database.
  • Club Memberships feature to compete with NetFlix.
  • EZRents for Red Box ease of rental.
  • Internet program updates to Smart Client.
  • Access to internet title databases.
  • Email promotions and coupons to customers.

as well as these features:

  • Rent to family members.
  • Flexible pricing for A,B,C type customers.
  • Separate holiday pricing setup.
  • Access to internet database of title information (ratings,genre,etc)
  • Tracks game rentals.
  • Sell and track merchandise like soda pop and candy bars.
  • Time clock is built in.
  • Process Credit Cards right from within RentSmart.
  • Extensive reporting includes:
    • Customer reports.
    • Title Volume reports.
    • Inventory Merchandise reports.
    • Management reports.
    • Accounts Receivable reports.
    • Time Clock reports.
    • Club membership reports.
    • Email promotions reports.
    • Depreciation reports.
  • Group your favorite reports together for fast access.
  • Process Club Membership Credit Cards automatically.
  • Put invoices on hold.
  • Backup to Flash Drives.
  • Hosted database for shared store information (optional).
  • On-line help.
  • Users Guide
  • Total Security with CSR options.
  • Cash drawer control.
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