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Calendar of Events

RENTSmart 2 will be available soon. This calendar will help you track our progress as we finish all the details.

Important Dates

  • June 17   |  Download Evaluation Available
    You will be able to download a copy of RentSmart 2.0 for evaluation and testing. This will be your opportunity to request features, reports, and anything else you would like added to the program.

  • Aug 09  |  Ready for Purchase
    Should be ready for you to purchase. Cost? We don't know yet.

RentSmart To-do List

These are the things we are working on in the order of priority. Once "Internet Deployment to End User has a complete date you will be able to download a Demo of the software:

Feature / Description Complete Date
Internet Deployment to End User Complete
Users Guide Editing...
Advanced Reporting Complete
Daily Reports Complete
Pricing Tables Complete
Login Complete
Time Clock Complete
Hold Invoice Complete
Club Memberships Complete
Security Complete
Specials, Coupons Complete
Customer Add/Edit/Delete Complete
Basic Reporting Complete
Backups Complete
Batch Checkin Complete
EZRents functionality Complete
MS SQL2008 integration Complete
Core program design Complete
Point-of-Sale Rentals/Sales Complete
Beta Testing at live site Testing.....

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