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RentSmart 2.0

RentSmart helps Video Stores, Grocery Video departments, and Convenience Stores handle all of their DVD, VHS, game rentals and merchandise inventory sells. It tracks rentals and returns, has powerful reporting, and built-in credit card processing.  And, now we are the first to introduce DVD EZRents to help your store compete with Red Box and Netflix.

Now with DVD EZRentstm!

RentSmart's built-in DVD EZRents is the first and only video rental program that allows your store to rent with no memberships or signups required by the customer. They simply select their movies/games and swipe their credit card. A daily charge is added to their credit card for each day they keep the rental and they own the DVD after x number of days.   Learn More

Red Box is Green with envy.

  • Red Box has a 600 movie limit (60 titles). Your store has 1000's of movies and games and now with EZRents it's as easy to rent at your store as it is at a Red Box. You have  a bigger selection, ease of rental, and customer service.  You Win!
  • No membership Required. Red Box doesn't require a membership and now neither do you with EZRents. Customers simply swipe their credit card to rent. No proof of address/phone#, no time consuming membership forms. It's as fast at your store as it is at Red Box.
  • Game Rentals. Red Box doesn't have them. You do! So, with the swipe of a credit card anyone can rent games from you that they can't rent from a Red Box. You Win!
  • To see more reasons why your store is better than a Red Box if you have EZRents Click Here

NetFlix - Instant Gratification its not!

  • NetFlix is great if you want your movie IN 2 DAYS! Let's face it, we live in a world of instant gratification. You want it now! Well, with RentSmart's Club Memberships your customers can sign up at your store and have the benefits of NetFlix without the wait. Learn More


DVD EZRents and Club Memberships will help your store compete with Red Box and NetFlix. Try RentSmart FREE

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