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It's hard to believe that people stand in long lines to rent AND RETURN DVD's at a Red Box.   Why is that?   It's simple, they don't have to sign up as a member. Customers simply select their DVD and swipe their credit card.  It has been hard to compete with that simplicity. Until now! Your store can be as easy to rent at as a Red Box by using RENTSmart EZRents.

RENTSmart EZRents lets you operate your store like a Red Box but without the limits that Red Box has. Check out this comparison table to see why your store with EZRents is far better than a store with a Red Box:

Red Box  .vs.  EZRents Red Box EZRents
No lines to rent AND return? a
Large DVD Title selection?   a
Older "library" titles available to rent?   a
Title you see is always available? a
Can buy popcorn and candy too? a
Game Rentals?   a
Long lines to Rent AND Return DVD's a
Title advertised not available a  

The EZRents feature of RENTSmart lets your store compete with Red Box by letting customers rent with just a credit card and no membership.

In a standard DVD/Game rental operation a customer will sign-up with your store by filling out a membership application accompanied by some verification or proof the customers is being truthful on the application. A lot of times the customer is uncomfortable or unable to provide the necessary information and is denied membership and you lose the rental income. If approved, a rental takes place and the customer pays a small fee and takes the DVD/Game home. You hope they bring it back on time (or at all). If they bring it back late and then don't pay the late rental charges you have lost the income and/or made the customer unhappy by charging them late fees.

In an EZRents operation the customer does not need to sign up, be a member, or otherwise validate to be able to rent (just like a Red Box). After selecting their DVD's/Games, just like they normally would in your store, the customer swipes their credit card at the computer station. The customers credit card is charged the daily rate and they are happily on their way. The customers credit card is then charged the daily rate for every day they keep the rental and after 25 days (or whatever you decide) the rental item is theirs to keep.

 Just look at the benefits of EZRents:

  • Out of town/state customers can rent from your store.
  • No time consuming membership paperwork.
  • No more calling customers with non-returned rentals.
  • No more collections and court dates.
  • No more stolen DVD's/Games.
  • No more late fees / extended rental fees.

So, it's easy to see that the old way of doing things in a video store no longer apply if you want to compete in today's rental market. It's time to get smart - RENTSmart!

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