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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the more common questions we get from our customers:

Q: When will RentSmart 2.0 be available?
A: Coding is almost complete and you will be able to download a trial version in May, 09 with full purchase in June 09.

Q: Do I need an Internet hookup?
A: Yes. RentSmart is a "Smart Client" application. That means it is a Windows program that is loaded on your computer via an internet download. All updates are applied via the internet.

Q: What database does RentSmart use?
A: Microsoft SQL Server 2008

Q: What version of Windows do I need?
A: Windows XP sp2 or higher,  or Vista sp1 or higher. Generally, any Windows version that will run MS SQL Server.

Q: What computer can I use?
A: Any computer that will run Windows XP or Vista. We recommend a Pentium 4, 120 Gig Hard Drive, 2 Gig Ram.

Q: How do I get updates to the program? Cost?
A: The RentSmart 2 program checks for the availability of an update each time it starts. Updates are then loaded if you choose to load them. The cost of updates is determined at the time of the update release and you will be notified at that time.

Q: What are the cost of supplies?
A: RentSmart 2 has changed from our earlier programs. It now uses a thermal printer for printed invoices. Where you were paying $8.67 per 1000 invoices in the past you will now pay $4.55 per 1000 thermal receipts. This saves you about 1/2 on your supplies cost over previous years.

Q: What printer(s) do I need? Cost$
A: For invoices we have tested the Samsung SRP350 and SRP370 as well as the Epson TM88 series of printers. Thermal printers run about $195 to $295.  For reports, any inkjet or laser printer that works with Windows XP or Vista should work.

Q: What is EZRents?
A: EZRents is a feature of RentSmart that lets video stores rent to customers without requiring them to signup as members. The customer simply selects the DVD's / games as they normally would and then swipes their credit card to rent. For more details on EZRents Click Here

Q: Does RentSmart have Club Memberships?
A: Yes. Club memberships allow your customers to pay a single monthly membership fee and then rent a certain number of movies per day/month. This allows your store to compete with NetFlix. For more information on Club Memberships Click Here

Q: Can I use my own Credit Card Processor?
A: No. In order for RentSmart to process credit cards it must communicate directly with the bank when processing a transaction. EZRents has to store the credit card information internally in an encrypted area so that the daily charges can be processed. It is thru this direct communication with our credit card processor that allows us to process credit cards automatically for EZRents and Club Memberships without any human interaction.

Q: How do I signup for Credit Card Processing?
A: Simply fill out a credit card information form. Contact Us via EMail.

Q: What are the Credit Card rates?
A: Our processing rates are very competitive. Reasonable rates and the ease of having the processing built into RentSmart makes the "rate" very reasonable for what you get.

Q: What if I have multiple computers in my store?
A: No Problem. Each computer in your store runs a separate instance of the smart client program and accesses a shared database. Each computer can have it's own settings, printers, etc.

Q: How long has RentSmart been on the market?
A: RentSmart 2 is brand new. RentSmart version 1 was released in 2002, and it's predecessor EVA was released in 1987.

Q: How do I get technical support?
A: We are completely internet based. The Users Guide, help questions, program updates, and everything is available from the smart client program that is connected to the internet. The built in "Live Help" button allows you to ask questions right from the program.

Q: Can multiple stores share the same data?
A: Your store database can be "hosted" meaning that it resides on a computer at a data warehouse. It is completely secure, safe, and fast. The RentSmart program is still loaded on your in-store computer as a smart client but the database is accessed over a secure internet connection. There is a monthly storage fee charged for this capability.

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