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How To Start Your Own Video Rental Store

There's lots of competition but a smart and savvy entrepreneur can make money in today's rental market.

What can you bring to the rental market that Blockbuster, Hollywood, Netflix, and Red Box don't? To be competitive in today's Video Rental Market you have to be smart. People want the low cost of Red Box, and the convenience of NetFlix.


Location, location, location: Being close to your customer base is critical. Customers love convenience so pick a store location that puts you in a large customer base area drive pattern.


Selection: Having a larger selection, especially new releases, makes you a better rental destination than a Red Box. DVD's from distributors cost from $4 to $18 with some new releases costing more.

Supplies and Setup: Or course, you will need to have shelving, cases, etc. Try the link below and let their experts help you.

Video Store Software: One important piece you will need is a computer system to track your customers, movie and game rentals. There are many programs on the market to choose from and they all have their pro's and con's. Here are some important things to look for:

  • Up To Date - You don't want an old DOS program.
  • Low Cost - You don't have to spend a fortune.
  • $1995 or less for whole computer system.
  • Handles Red Box Type Transactions. (IMPORTANT)
  • Handles Club Memberships.

The RentSmart program handles Red Box Type Transactions Click Here to see how RentSmart can help your new or existing Video Store.

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