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RentSmart 2.0 Software

Item Name: RentSmart 2.0
Item Price: $Coming Soon
Item SKU:   S1001
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Video Store Software  
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RentSmart System

Item Name: RentSmart System
Item Price: $1495.00
Item SKU:   C1003
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Video Invoices

Item Name: 1-Part Video Invoices
Item Price: $96.00
Item SKU:   P1001
  6000 Invoices per box.
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Barcode Labels

Item Name: Barcode Labels
Item Price: $99.00
Item SKU:   P1002
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2000 Barcode labels per order of qty = 1. Rectangle barcodes on weather resistant coated stock. We will Email you for barcode sequence and other information after you place your order.
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Voyager Laser BCR

Item Name: Voyager BCR
Item Price: $195.00
Item SKU:   H1001
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Laser Barcode Reader with Stand. Black
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ELO Touch Screen

Item Name: 15" Touch Screen
Item Price: $495.00
Item SKU:   H1002
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  Black, USB and Serial connection.
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Bixolon Receipt Printer

Item Name: Bixlong SRP370
Item Price: $295.00
Item SKU:   H1006
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Model#: SRP370PG  (Parallel, Dark Gray)
  Thermal Receipt Printer
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Cash Drawer

Item Name: Cash Drawer
Item Price: $129.00
Item SKU:   H1009
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Model#: CF-405-M-Black
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Credit Card Swipe USB

Item Name: Credit Card Swipe
Item Price: $79.00
Item SKU:   H1010
USB Interface (Black)
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Credit Card Swipe PS/2

Item Name: Credit card Swipe PS/2
Item Price: $79.00
Item SKU:   H1011
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  PS/2 Keyboard interface Black
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Dell Video Store Computer

Item Name: Dell Computer
Item Price: $695.00
Item SKU:   C1001
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2Ghz, 1Gig Ram, 150Gig HD  
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